1. How can I download the app?

– Click here to read more about the process.

2. What is the purpose of the peace app?

– To enable youth to learn more about peace and to have a platform to engage in peace keeping in South Sudan.

3. Can I use the App outside South Sudan?

– Though the app is built and customized for the South Sudanese context, most of the information on peace building can still apply to conflicts in other areas.

4. Who built the app?

– The app was built by 15 students from Juba University with assistance from WEB4ALL through the design to transform program that aims at giving ICT skills to young Africans.

5. Is the app free?

– Yes the app and all its features are free.

6. Can the app work offline ?

– No, the current version of the app needs an internet connection. However this requirement will be removed in future updates.

7. Can the app work on my device ?

– The app supports all devices using Android version 4.1 and above.

8. Where can I give suggestions and feedback ?

– All forms of feedback are to be directed to our contact us page. click hereĀ 

9. How can I get involved ?

– Peace building is a multi-stakeholder collective effort. You can begin by sharing and discussing the different models with family and friends.